Paroncilli Group srl


Clou Fashion Stores designs and realizes the store of the clothing brand Paroncilli.

The store is located a few steps from central Milan in the shopping center of the Bonola district.


Light line equipped columns, made of metal with a rough effect finish, specially designed and engineered for the needs of the store, give lightness to the environment by allowing the accessories (bars and shelves) to be arranged according to specific display needs. The hooking system placed on the back of the columns, gives a refined technical detail that blends well with the industrial concept of the space.


In the central area the items are displayed on clothing racks made of metal frames that stand out for their lightness and rigorous geometric shapes. Added to this are the cash desk and the central islands. From the monolithic aspect they are embellished with perimetral milling that underline the shapes, obtaining a simple and at the same time refined result.


The clear division of the areas dedicated to men and women products has to be emphasized; a distinction also accentuated by the marked allocation of the two fitting rooms.


The industrial appearance of the furniture, underlined by the use of the raw effect metal and the linear and rigorous forms, combines harmoniously with the existing environment where the technical plants plants are exposed. All this gives the boutique a technical and functional aspect where, as always in the Clou Fashion Stores projects, the real and only key player is the item displayed.

  • Art Drector: Eleonora Pozzi

  • Project Leader: Andrea Bordogna

  • Designer: Chiara Mariani

  • Project managers: Cesare Lanzani

  • Year: 2018

  • Sales Area: 100mq

  • Location: Centro Commerciale Bonola, Milano, Italy

  • Actions:

    • Store Restyling

    • Design and manufacturing of the furniture