Milza Store


Clou Fashion Stores took care of the redesign and realization of Milza Abbigliamento, store in Stradella, a town in the heart of the Oltrepò Pavese area. The realization also includes the management of the renovation works including the remaking of the lighting system of the latest generation.


Two motivations have led customers to renovate the store: first of all the need to improve the display functionality of the furnishings and the effectiveness of the sales area; beyond that the will to improve the aesthetics.


Clou Design Team thought of a space that would invite and open outwards, which is why one of the first interventions was the replacement of the entrance door that, from massive and materic, becomes light and transparent. In addition, the cashier area is moved from the center of the store to the bottom in order to leave the space free to be experienced and lived.


The concept is based on the idea of ​​the harmonious contrast between the classic envelope and the linear and modern furnishings.

In fact, the walls are embellished with frames, which are inspired by boiseries, and with the wallpaper focus of a refined texture that recalls the one present on the exposed items.

The display structures are iron poles, on which hang bars and shelves, that digress in the veil.

The result is a box in which the light cover, given by the ceiling and the veil, contrasts harmoniously with the dark walls.


The suspended cash desk fluctuates with great lightness in the space, while the central tables are embellished with an elegant glass case that creates great visual fluidity in the perception of the space. Moreover, the presence of frames on these elements gives great unity to the store, since it’s linked to the development of the walls.


In the shop window area sliding panels allow great freedom of exposure, as well as a continuous change of light towards the inside given by their opening and closing.


Finally, Clou has dealt, thanks to a close collaboration with the customer, with the choice of the seats’ fabric; in this way it was possible to finish at best, just like a tailor, the “dress” of the shop.

  • Art Drector: Eleonora Pozzi

  • Project Leader: Andrea Bordogna

  • Designer: Chiara Mariani

  • Project managers: Luca Rava, Maura Maspero

  • Year: 2018

  • Sales Area: 145mq

  • Location: Stradella (PV), Italy

  • Actions: Management of renovation works (demolitions, flooring, new lighting system, new electrical system, conditioning system, drywalls); Replacement of the existing furniture; Design and realization of new layout and furniture.