Kangra Cashmere


Inside the walls of the beautiful city of Bologna, Clou fashion stores handled the complete restyling of the historic Kangra boutique, redesigning the space in every detail: from the “ad hoc” furniture, to the design and construction of floors, lighting system, air treatment system etc. In particular, for the painting of the walls an exclusive finish was chosen in order to emphasize the material aspect and to enrich the environment with nuances and details.

The boutique is organized over two floors, for a total of 90 square meters, where the ground floor is dedicated to the men's collection and the upper floor to the female one.

The new format designed by the Clou style office for this brand, chooses simple and natural materials: the raw metal, treated with transparent paints, and combined with the wood shades that balance the color creating a strong compositional balance.

Decorative panels surround the walls creating spatial frames that bring attention to the exposed items. Also on the ground floor and on the first floor, two corners covered in wood, are detailed with bright linear inserts (LEDs) in which is also inserted the backlit logo, creating a detail that gives the environment an elegant appearance full of refined facets.

In this precious "box" as always the true and only protagonists are the exposed items that in a harmonious and coherent way dialogue with the space, telling the  details of a "world" made of collections produced with noble yarns and a meticulous craftsmanship from which come alive precious models for hand finishes, applications and matching accessories.

  • Art Drector: Eleonora Pozzi

  • Project Leader: Pierangelo Spimpolo

  • Designer: Alice Moneta

  • Project manager: Maura Maspero

  • Year: 2018

  • Sales Area: 90mq

  • Location: Bologna, Italy

Clou was commissioned by Kangra, Italian brand for the production of men, women and children clothing in cashmere yarns, for the study and the realization of the new format of the stores, starting from the renovation of the Mantova store. 
Clou creative division, through a specially made study, carefully analyzed the history of the Italian company, the features of the products proposed and its commercial positioning, in order to combine the distinctive traits of the brand with the needs of the market. 
The result is an elegant and high quality format, like the exposed items of clothing. 
The store, first of the new format, is located in the historic center of Mantua, one of the most beautiful cities of Lombardy, rich in art and culture. 
Clou has been involved in the design, in the realization of the furniture and also of the works for a complete and turnkey service. 
The basic concept is the linearity, resumed by the development of furniture and shop walls, embellished with mills, decorative and of support for metal sheets on which the clothes are exposed. 
The materials used, transparent varnished iron and elm wood, traditional with contemporary shapes, recall the same characteristics of the brand that, by using an antique material, creates up to date design. 
The walls have three distinctive finishes and become expositive elements that blend with the furnishings. In the counter area, there is the natural elm wood boiserie, with decorative mills and metal sheet shelves. Then, along the development of the walls, painted panels create portals on which decorative mills support metal sheet shelves; the rest of the room has white walls with natural plastered finish. 
The furniture is of great impact: iron-framed structures host the clothing, both in hanging (on the bar) and bent (on the shelf), while at the bottom drawers with metal sheet top features the different sizes of dresses. 
The result is sophisticated, precious and of great impact, characteristics that perfectly describe the mood of the Kangra brand collections. 

  • Project Leader: Pierangelo Spimpolo

  • Designers: Eleonora Pozzi / Alice Moneta

  • Project manager: Maura Maspero

  • Year: 2017

  • Sales Area: 30mq

  • Location: Mantova, Italy