Case Study.

Sundek Concept Store

From the first meetings with the ownership of the famous Brand Sundek, a clear objective emerged that outlined the development of the new concept store: imagine a store where the space evoked the important history of the brand, which has its roots back in 1958 in America specifically in California… sea, holidays and surfing.

At the same time develop a layout with sales paths that can emphasize the colorful items of clothing. ensuring adequate display capacity, and above all giving the visitors of the space, a memorable user experience.

The Clou creative team, coordinated by arch. Eleonora Pozzi then worked on a project that would bring back the origins of the Brand, but at the same time suggest a new interpretation.

The idea is that of recalling the sea in an intimate way, thus transforming the sales space into a homely space… A holiday home between wind, sea and sand that immediately brings to mind Californian homes. The concept has immediately centered the client's expectations, who with the right enthusiasm and a pinch of courage, has embraced this design idea that has resulted in the creation of a first pilot store.

Ideas, imaginary visions, begin to take shape ...

The studying of a concept store begins with the analysis of the brand, from knowing how to grasp the message, the philosophy. It cannot be limited to the correct display of the products. There is more, there is passion and feeling.

A path that leads us to define a project in all its details.

The project of the Milano Marittima Store, in the central via Matteotti is complete ... and in contrast to the "usual" window display, the main entrance transforms into the entrance of the Sundek house, where materials, colors and shapes reminds of the entrance to a house by the sea.


The pieces of furniture, designed and made to measure, always have a flavor that reminds us of a welcoming and domestic space ...

The wooden partitions, the curtains, the cash desk that becomes almost a kitchen island, the books, the plants, the seats, the wood paneling, the hangers that become the focal point and the entrance, the surfboards ... everything contributes to feeling welcome, to feel at ease ... to feel at home precisely.

At the same time the modularity of the furnishing elements and free positioning of accessories, makes the exhibition structure perform changes with changing needs.

For the realization of the furniture we used FSC® certified materials, which identifies products containing wood from forests managed correctly and responsibly according to rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.

The building interventions have affected both the external part, with the reconstruction of a shop window, and the interiors with the creation of plasterboard walls, whitewashing, electrical system, audio and alarm systems.

From microcement floor, with a refined design and qualities of resistance and durability, to the covering of a portion of the floor and wall in the entrance area with natural oak , made to measure.
Great attention was given to the lighting project which fully accomplishes the correct lighting of the garments on display, enhancing their bright colors.

Also the great sign heading outside the store affected our intervention, where nothing was left to chance, engaged us rapidlyin this exciting project

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