Case Study.

Kangra Cashmere

Kangra instructed the Clou creative team, coordinated by Arch. Eleonora Pozzi, to evaluate the new Concept store. Theobjective was to give a new image to their stores, which are located in the historic centers of important cities.

"Before grabbing the pencil" we asked the 5 fundamental questions, to ensure the right visibility to the high quality garments of Kangra.

Question 1

What is the positioning of the brand?

Define the positioning of the brand to establish the range of target market: luxury, medium-high, medium, medium low. From ananalyses of the value of the average receipt the positioning is turned out to be medium low.

Question 2

Who is the buyer persona?

Define the buyer persona type is a fundamental step, it is defined on the basis of gender, age, lifestyle, purchasing habits and purchasing capacity.

For Kangra the target is identified in the age group between 30 and 60 years, men and women with a medium / high spending capacity, looking for a lasting quality product, who love being outdoors and have a propensity to choose natural products, who make conscious choices, little interested in the social validation that famous brands induce.



Question 3

What is the
of the brand?

The product of the brand is the most important part since it influences the type of furnishing, the environment, the choice of natural and colors. It can be: pret-à-porter, tailoring, sportsware, casualwear. 

For Kangra the product has a tailored cut, produced exclusively in Italy, using natural and precious fibers, paying great attention to the appearance, manufacturing and retail.

Question 4

How it communicates
online and

The image of outlets must represent the continuation of the communication online / offline that the brand tells, a conductive thread, which starting from the company website, product catalogs and advertising campaigns, is coherently reflected in the physical space.

Kangra use a communication which underlines the quality of it's clothes, and the natural fibers used, with a minimal style that leaves no room for unnecessary frills.

Hence the choice to design a concept store with simple lines, preferring the use of natural materials. The display structures are in raw iron, treated with transparent water-based paints. For the wooden furniture parts we used natural oak, while the walls and boiserie are of a light dove gray color.

It all leads back to characteristics of the Kangra product, the only true protagonist of the space.

Question 5


How to exhibit the garments is an issue that's very
important to define the equipment capable of responding to the commercial needs of the space.

For Kangra we have designed an exhibition of great impact which welcomes garments both hanging and folded, where the customer is stimulated to touch with their hands the ancient and valuable cashmere.

Through these preliminary analyses we have designed and realized the new Kangra stores. The positive feedback obtained from customers of the brand confirmed the importance to ask the 5 fundamental questions, not limiting the choices only on the basis of personal tastes, which, however respectable, can mislead the true objective of a commercial space, to meet and respond to the needs and taste of your customers.

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