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Pharmacy Services.

Tailor-made services designed to make your performing and functional pharmacy, and that are of concrete support to your business.

Evolution of the Pharmacy sector of the last few years has pushed us to develop services that cannot be limited to a correct design and production phase to make your space performing and functional, but that in integrated and total way to take care of your business.  

  • Custom project for your retail space a no cost
  • We produce furniture only made to measure for your needs
  • Research and support for funding calls facilitated
  • Graphics & Video to make your sales space communicative
  • Low Cost renewal interventions (FarmaWrapping Method)
  • Promotional offers of specially selected products
  • Development of business models to support your business (FarEmpathy method)   

All this and more to offer you innovative, advanced and performing services

A specialized company to entrust with the construction of your pharmacy

What can we do for your pharmacy?

Professionals of area qualified are at your disposal for support you at best in addressing the path of renovation, your new one Pharmacy.

Not we have one serial production, we do not have standard shelving to offer you, we design with you and for you your pharmacy. 

Starting from listening to yours commercial and adding ours skills, we create environments of quality, that in addition to responding to logic functional, commercial and communicative, are thoughtful places to do space for your well-being

A project quality he is not alone a set of furnishing elements arranged coherently in a space. We design the correct layout of your pharmacy to allow you to optimize at most the square meters dedicated to the area sale

We have developed one instrument which will allow you to view, in a clear and simple way, the breakdown from the commodity areas of your space

Thanks to the Farmawrapping method we can change the face of your Pharmacy, without engage in costly interventions global. 

We will simply intervene with graphic elements, re-evaluating the existing furnishings, integrating them with simple ed cheap tools communications that enhance their commercial capacity, re-evaluating i merchandise routes making clearer and readable it sales area

We produce exclusively in Italy, investing in research and technologies that help us to raise our quality, to produce at cost competitive and to be more fast

We stick to ours artisan origins aware that, today as yesterday, the Most important "tools", remain industrious hands and thinking heads

Having a single interlocutor solves many aspects, above all it clearly defines times and responsibilities

And that's why we take care of managing and implementing the extra furnishing works: electrical systems, lighting, air treatment systems, floors, plasterboard, fixtures, etc., for a complete service "keys in hand". 

We understand that extricating yourself in the jungle of municipal permits and relations with ATS it is far from simple, so i our professionals I am at your disposal for supporting in the difficult world of bureaucracy.

Graphics are one our great passion, for this we have created a specification creative division which deals with emphasizing the your identity

From the department signs to the study of the logo, to the packaging, up to the whole integrated communication, to make your pharmacy unique e unmistakable.

The location correct represents one aspect basic for the success of your pharmacy. 

Together we can find yours more congenial location and help you in defining the choice that best responds to your needs.

The theme of commitment financial to face the restyling of your pharmacy can represent a obstacle to the realization of your goal. 

We have fine-tuned payment formulas that they will be able to help you to address the investment in all calm

Often regional calls and state in support of the development of retail projects pass unnoticed, making you miss important opportunities. 

We we monitor constantly such chances and subscribing to ours newsletter, not only will we keep you informed, but we could occupy us to present the your question to the bodies in charge.

A service after-sales punctual and timely guarantees the functionality of your pharmacy. 

The guarantee on all items provided is 24 months, a year more than foreseen by regulations in force.


Let's try to answer your most frequently asked questions

The preliminary design for your pharmacy, which consists of a layout, a moodboard and a detailed offer, costs nothing.

The variables that come into play are many and defining a standard cost is impossible. Clou project leaders are able to assist you in defining the best project in line with your spending budget.

The dynamics in the pharmacy have changed considerably in recent years, introducing working methods and services that were unthinkable years ago. Transforming your space means adapting it to the times and making it contemporary.

The timing of a renovation depends on the types of work needed. Today the trend is to plan to stop the business as little as possible. In special cases, it is also possible to intervene when the pharmacy is open.

An accurate analysis of the critical issues by the Project Leaders Clou allows to carry out partial and targeted restyling interventions. It is not necessarily necessary to intervene with a total restructuring.

We can manage all the phases of the process, from bureaucratic and administrative management with the municipality and ATS, up to the complete realization of the works and systems. All through a single interlocutor.

Our proposal is based on a communication and graphics project designed to make the departments of your pharmacy perform well.

Our projects are tailor-made with detailed investment details. Speaking of cost per square meter is not professionally feasible. Instead, it is to talk about respect and sustainability of pre-established budgets.

Our refurbishment projects enable you to work more productively and provide better access to pharmacy products and services. Manage space to create value.

Our Project Leaders are able to evolve your business model through a path in which to enhance your professionalism and create a unique shopping experience for your customers.

We have been operating for 40 years in the retail world and for almost 20 in the specific one of pharmacies. This experience allows us to offer you and share the most advanced and most successful commercial scenarios in your pharmacy.

We don't do interior decorators! We make tailor-made projects to tell the story of your pharmacy. Designed and produced in Italy.

Clou, through its Project Leaders, interfaces with the best European manufacturers of automation systems, to suggest the best and most performing solution for your pharmacy project.

We are consultants at the service of the pharmacy to propose complete and articulated projects. This is why we have a network of relationships that allows us to offer the best services and opportunities. Whether they are particular conditions for access to credit or fundraising.

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