Democracy Design


In the heart of Milan, in the CityLife Shopping District Mall, inside the design gallery opens the first store of the Democracy brand.


The project, created by Aptitude Studio, which has accompanied the birth of the brand and also has designed the whole coordinated image, spreads over an area of ​​200 square meters where the concept is developed following a well-known theme: the experience of the space.



The peculiarity of this new brand of home design is to attract the customers through the thousand emotional facets of its products.


The purchase is not just a product choice, but entering the store must be an experience that fully involves the customer.


From here the designers, Alessandra Cervia and Tommaso Calini, started to imagine a scenographic "theatrical" space, deliberately mechanical, almost a backstage where the hanging structures and cables recall the scenic machines, the reclaimed wooden boards the floor of the stage and where the velvet of the poufs, of an elegant electric blue, and the spot lighting, become elements that combined together underline the theatricality of the space.


Great importance has been given to the shop window, where imposing curtains of blue velvet are modulated in order to create the backdrop in continuous changing also disappearing, that capture the look from the outside, for a seamless experience.


All the materials have been carefully selected, such as the floor, in cotto tile finishing hazelnut produced by hand in Italy, whose shape inspires the brand's logo design or the axes of the shelves, coming from centuries old pile wood and treated with a special finish that makes them unique to the touch.


All the furniture has been designed and engineered to the smallest detail and handcrafted by expert hands, becoming a participant support in the sale enhancing the originality of the product that becomes the undisputed protagonist of the store.

  • Designers: Alessandra Cervia / Tommaso Calini

  • Project manager: Andrea Turco / Cesare Lanzani

  • Year: 2017

  • Sales Area: 200mq

  • Location: Milano - Italy