Italy / UK / Russia / Qatar / France

  • Art Dorector: Eleonora Pozzi

  • Project Leader: Pierangelo Spimpolo

  • Designer: Chiara Mariani

  • Project manager: Maura Maspero

  • Year: 2018

  • Sales Area: 86mq

  • Location: Castel Guelfo The Style Outlets, BO - Italy

  • Actions:

    • Store Restyling

    • Design and realization of the new format furniture

    • Graphic

Arena Water Instinct, a very famous international brand, has been relying on Clou Fashion Stores for years for the design and realization of its stores.


For the Castel Guelfo Bologna outlet was used the latest format, which is the result of the successful collaboration between the Arena marketing office and the Clou designers.


The strenght of this format is the extreme attention dedicated both to the evaluation of the spaces and to the dimensions of the displays (all custom made), in order to make the best use of every centimeter of the precious exhibition space.


The furniture is designed to meet the different needs of the products; we will then have shelves for the folded items, hanging bars for the items on the hanger, blisters for the front hanging: all this makes the walls suitable as formidable theatre wings on which is possible to use the logic of visual merchandising at its best.


Great attention was also paid to the theme of graphic communication: crowners positioned above the walls, communicate the various product sectors with immediacy and great clarity, guiding customers without difficulty in the purchase process.


Finally, graphic panels with images of performer athletes, together with mannequins wearing costumes and equipment, give to the space dynamism and underline its exact positioning on the market, which, in the technical swimming pool sector, sees Arena as a leading company in the sector.


Tables and double-sided center-room elements, best solve this important space, defining attractive exhibition islands whose purpose is also to better organize layout routes inside the shop, where, as always, the real main character must be the product, therefore furnishing elements that, as scenes of a theater, act as a stage for the main actor.

  • Project Leader: Pierangelo Spimpolo

  • Designers: Eleonora Pozzi

  • Project manager: Maura Maspero

  • Anno: 2015

  • Sales Area: 179mq

  • Location: Kazan - Russia

  • Project Leader: Pierangelo Spimpolo

  • Designers: Eleonora Pozzi

  • Project manager: Maura Maspero

  • Anno: 2016

  • Sales Area: 80mq

  • Location: London - UK

  • Project Leader: Pierangelo Spimpolo

  • Designers: Eleonora Pozzi / Alice Moneta

  • Project manager: Maura Maspero

  • Year: 2017

  • Sales Area: 82mq

  • Location: Conegliano,TV - Italy