Alviero Martini 1ª Classe


Alviero Martini 1a Classe has inaugurated a new boutique in the heart of Padua, Italian northeast city, where Clou Fashion Stores has been involved in the design and creation of furnishings, completing its offer through construction works, electrical and plumbing: false ceilings and plasterboard walls, lighting, floors and coverings, air-conditioning plant, electrical plant.

The store has a strong historical nature donated by the building in which is located. High ceilings, important and irregular walls, vaulted windows, the net division in two spaces are hallmarks and starting points for the design of the new format.

Linear high and thin libraries are framed by dark gray portals, that divide these elements one from another and enhance the uniqueness of the structure and the product displayed. Each library is developed through a metal structure, embellished with a golden finish, on which are fixed the extra-clear glass shelves with a golden frame below with built-in lighting. The structures, in addition to highlight the exposed items, the real protagonists, are very versatile and adapt to the needs of the exposure.

The libraries have different compositions: one type includes exposure only through shelves and a wooden base; a second type sets the display on shelves and on a chest of drawers with a glass case; finally, a third typology allows to exhibit through shelves and hanging bar. A special library of shelves only, instead, is equipped with hinges that allow the element to rotate and allow the preparation of the adjacent shop window.

Worthy of note is the exposure of the scarves that takes place through trays placed inside a portal and through a display cases that allow you to expose the garment in full. The display cases are located in the cash desk area, in the passage between the two rooms and over the foulard trays. They create important visual focuses that embellish and personalize the ambient. Finally, the freestanding structure are of two different types: one with trays and one with drawers.

The cash desk is a white block that follows the development of the walls and is embellished by two quadrangular volumes dug into the structure finished with cherry wood.
Wood paneling with cherry finish warm the walls and are located near the cash desk and the passage between the two areas of the boutique.
This is why the ceiling light points are luminous spheres that are decorated by hand, like globes, from the geographical texture of the continents. These spheres are connected to each other by a golden structure that recalls that of the libraries.

Great harmony and elegance make this boutique a perfect example of synthesis of the material research and of the new format, in whose center the undisputed protagonist remains the product of the famous brand Alviero Martini 1a Classe.

  • Project Leader: Pierangelo Spimpolo

  • Designers: Eleonora Pozzi, Eleonora Sambugaro

  • Project manager: Maura Maspero

  • Year: 2018

  • Sales Area: 41mq

  • Location: Padova